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Discover Memory Workshop

Discover Memory Workshop “DISCOVER MEMORY, CONQUER EXAMS” – 3 DAYS WORKSHOP Workshop Content Duration 3 Days, 7 hours per day (includes break for lunch and snacks) Target Students 7th Grade to 12th Grade Stationary Materials & Refreshments Provided. Clear Bag / Folder Notepad – 20 pages Pen, Pencil, Color Pens Snacks – Cookies, Juice &…


CIGMA Career HandBook

CIGMA BooksCIGMA Career HandBookCAREER HANDBOOK ON COURSES, CAREERS, JOBS AND SCHOLARSHIP AFTER 10TH & 12TH STD CAREER HANDBOOK CONTENTS Career PlanningCareer InformationScholarships for Higher EducationAfter 12th,What Next ?After 10th,What Next ? How to choose a Career ? Theory of Multiple Intelligence & Career Choice . Challenges in Career Selection & Solutions . Hear them out –…