Why Assessment Test?
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Career options may seem endless. Students have a lot of questions on their minds related to careers maybe like, Am I walking on the correct path to a good career? Why is my future a blank empty room full of darkness? What career is the best for me? and the list of question goes on.
While choosing a career there are quite a lot of complications, almost everyone we see on the road acts as a career counsellor. Truth be told, setting up a right career involves some critical milestones every student has to meet. It is quite obvious that a chirologist cannot look at your palm and choose the most suitable career for you in life.
Selecting the appropriate career is a frantic, intricate and a tedious process. For a very long time, psychologists and researchers have been using simple tests to assess the potentiality of individuals. These tests are commonly called as CAREER ASSESSMENTS.
Career counsellors, mentors, placement companies, human resource teams and sometimes even schools and colleges use these tests to know the strengths and weaknesses of the students. In most cases, it becomes difficult for oneself to analyse his own potential, at times like these career counsellors come handy. They possess the sound knowledge, take all the factors into account, match our skills with the proper type of job and carve out the right steps for a bright future.


(knowing Yourself)


(Exploring Career Options)


(Selecting Best Option)


(Implementing Career Plan)

Listing out some of the reasons:

  • It helps to determine the best career option for a student based on interest, aptitude, skills, traits, personality, intelligence and other factors.
  • It aids in gaining more knowledge on your curiosities and strengths thus helping to choose a career faster.
  • It increases the chances of leading a happy successful life by making the student understand that this is what he/she is naturally good at and this eventually is going to be the right career.
  • It will push the student hard enough to pursue the career which will be the best, it is very much unlikely to select a misfit career after a career counselling session and attending a career assessment test.
  • Since the student gains interest in his passion and now he has a clear idea about his future, you can work on all career-related opportunities and stay distinct from the crowd.

Advantages of taking a Career Assessment Test at CIGMA:

CIGMA brings to you CAT – an online assessment test. The test has been designed in such a manner that it is able to generate most appropriate results, provided answered truly. The questions to be answered, have been designed by experts from fields of psychology and logical reasoning. Experts from CIGMA recommend that this test is taken both in 10th and in 12th standard. It is also taken care that a simple language is maintained so that students do not feel the burden of not understanding the language.

It is due to the reason that a periodic look back at the test may lead to more bright results. In accordance with time, the students tend to change, their desires and likings – these factors have a major effect on their careers. Once you reach a point in life where decision making becomes necessary then you can go for this test, in fact, you can repeat as many times you are in a situation to take decisions related to your career. Our CAT will give you an idea about the most suited career for you at a very young level, hence enabling you to be very clear about your long time goal setting. It becomes important to analyse and take strategic steps towards your career and to know what you are capable of doing to achieve success.

CAT From CIGMA brings to the students a proper set of questions more relevant to the student community. Since our company does not handle the category of people above schooling, it has the test with more relevance to the 10th and 12th standard students than any other CAT offering platform. Unlike other products offering CAT, we ensure that the questions have been prepared only with reference for students in India. Some questionnaire includes irrelevant questions which are just not the case with CAT -CIGMA. Some platforms plague questions which are actually meant for people from an entirely different level leaving the students puzzled.